Universe - Notes on Version 0.4

Release Date: 23 Jun 1998


This version is essentially software as 0.3, except all GUI screens were convereted to JFC/Swing classes. This is an improvment in the look of the program.

Installation Instructions

You need to install the ability to run Java Applications on your computer. Some operating system have this ability built in (OS/2, MacOS), but some do not (Win95, WinNT, Unix). Available for free is the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystems (at http://java.sun.com/products/jdk/1.1/jre/index.html) for operating systems that don't have the ability to run Java Applications (this includes Windows 95.) Follow the directions from Sun carefully. Note that your web browser does not have the ability to run Java Applications.

You also need to install the Java Foundation Classes (JFC). JFC is available from Sun microsystems at http://java.sun.com/products/jfc.

In addition to Java, you need the jar executable file. The jar file can be placed anywhere on your computer.

After the jar file is downloaded, to run Universe you must type in the following command at a prompt (make sure you are in the directory where the jar file is located):

jre -cp Universe.jar UniverseMain

Note that the "U" and the "M" on UniverseMain must be upper case.

If you have the JDK and on the JRE, the following command should work:

java -classpath $CLASSPATH:Universe.jar UniverseMain

Please feel free to contact me if you have problems with installation or execution.

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Created: 01 Jun 1998
Updated: 23 Jun 1998

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