The Philosophy Behind Universe

Are you tired of paying US$50+ for games that disappoint you? Lots of bugs and stupid computer players give you a headache? Missing features that you would like to see? Universe is your answer.

Universe was created in order to make a superior game that can be run on all systems. Game play and interface is the highest priority - much higher that nifty graphics. An intelligent computer opponent that does not cheat is also a high priority.

Every effort has been made in the game design to allow for expansion of the game. That means that your ideas can be easily integrated into the game! This could lead to a potentially huge game.

Another goal of the game is to try to make it as scientific as possible. Real star systems with real stars that can found in our universe are just a small part of this goal. Because this is a Science Fiction game, it won't be possible to make everything "real", but it would be nice to have some realism in the game.

Universe will always be free of charge. The source code will always be available under the GNU General Public License.

The programming aspect of Universe is for programmers to expand their programming skills. Be it Java or GUI or networking or AI or whatever Universe supports, we want to learn about it!

Universe is designed to be developed by a team. Up to date documents on development information is kept online. Not only does this help with current developers, but new developers can quickly come up to speed.

I hope these ideas are as appealing to you as they are to all of the people working on this project!

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Created: 27 Dec 1996
Updated: 29 Dec 1997