Screen Shots

Welcome to Universe! Here are some screen shots from version 0.8, version 0.11 and version 0.15.

Yes, we need to put some more screen shots up! :)

This is a picture of the star map in 0.15.

This is the Startup Screen for Universe (version 0.11).

This is the Game Options dialog. It allows you to choose which race you wish to play, the number of computer components, and the size of the galaxy for the playing field.

This is the Main Screen, which allows you to access other screens for the game.

This is the 3D Star Map.

This is a list of the star systems available.

This is a list of the planets available.

This is a representation of your station, allowing you control over your station economics and production.

Thi is the Technology Screen, allowing research and engineering in many areas.

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Created: 03 Jan 1997
Updated: 08 May 2001

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