2. Planet Details

Planets in Scheme 001 are very simple things. Each planet has two attributes, a Mining factor and a Habitation factor.

2.1. Mining Factor

The mining factor represents the amount of resources that the planet has available. The mining factor relates directly to how much resources you can mine from this planet. A planet with a mining factor of 1.0 will be able to mine resources twice as fast as a planet with a mining factor of 0.5. The exact amount that is mined is dependent on few more factors, and is explained in detail in the Station section.

2.2. Habitation Factor

The habitation factor represents how "friendly" the planet is to your race. The habitation factor relates directly on your population growth on that planet. Planet factors with habitation rates much below 1.0 are harsh and will be a difficult place to establish a station.

2.3. Other Planet Details

Planets in Scheme 001 can only support one station.

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