Cost 001

This represents all "resources" available in this scheme. A "resource" is a very loosely defined term, representing anything that can be created, used up or representing a value of some kind.

Note that the points have arbitrary units.

Research Points

This is used to acquire new technology from the tech tree. Research points are created at Research centers on Stations.

Engineering Points

This is used to develop new improvements or ship designs. Every new item created from new technology must be designed and tested before going into production, which requires engineering points. Engineering points are created at Engineering centers on Stations.

Resource Points

Resource points are generic items that are used for the creation of many items in the game. They can be thought of as "raw materials". Resource points are created at Mines on Stations.

Station Manufacturing Points

These points are used to manufacture improvements (buildings) on stations. Station manufacturing points are created at station manufacturing centers on stations.

Ship Manufacturing Points

These points are used to manufacture space ships. Ship Manufacturing points are created at ship manufacturing centers on stations.

Power Points

These points are the amount of power that an item uses/produces. Almost everything needs power of some kind. Power points are created at power plants on stations or on ships.

Population Points

This represents an amount of living people. Maybe one point = one million people. Population points are created and "stored" on stations.

Economic Points

This represents "work" created by the population. The amount of Economic points created at a station is proportional to number of people there (population points). Economic points are created by the population (population points) on stations.

Attack Points

The offensive strength of a weapon. Attack points are created by attack modules on stations and ships.

Defense Points

The defensive strength of an item (shields.) Defense points are created by defense modules on stations and ships.

Armor Points

The hull strength (or equivalent) of a ship or item. When the Armor Points go to zero, the item is destroyed. Equivalent to "hit points". Armor points are created by armor modules on ships.

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Created: 28 Aug 1998
Updated: 6 Jun 2001

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