Ship Design 001

This is the representation of ship designs.

Ship Modules

Each ship can have zero or one of the following modules.


Special items add abilities to the ship.

Ship Engineering

Every new ship design must first be designed. This is the engineering cost, measured in Engineering Points.

The engineering cost of a new ship is determined by a couple of factors. Each Ship Module has an associated Engineering Cost with it. The cost of a new ship design is the sum of all of the modules' engineering costs.

Old ship designs can be used to reduce the costs of new ship designs. If a new ship design has similar modules to an old ship design, then the cost of the new ship design is just the cost of the changed module. For example, if a new ship design is exactly the same as an old ship design except for the Power module, then the engineering cost of this new ship design is only the engineering cost of the new Power Module.

When using old ship designs to reduce the costs of new ship designs, only one old ship design will be used.

Ship Construction

Every ship module has a construction cost, measured in Ship Manufacturing Points. The cost of a ship is the sum of the costs of all modules.


Below is a summary of the module types for a ship.

Type Consumes Produces
Shield Power Points Defense Points
Attack Power Points Attack Points
Armor Power Points Armor Points
FTL Drive Power Points Speed (in parsecs)
Fuel Resource Points Range of ship (in parsecs)
Scanner Power Points Scanner Range (in parsecs)
Power none Power Points
Computer Power Points Combat bonus
Storage Power Points Transportation of Resources or Population
Colony Equipment Special Power Points Creation of Station
Extra Fuel Range Special Resource Points Additional Range for Ship

Every ship module has a engineering cost and a manufacturing cost.

It is possible for the theme to define pre-known ship designs. These ship designs are known by all players at the start of the game.

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