Space Battles 001

Space battles in this scheme are performed on a turn basis (which will be referred to battle turn in this document.)

The probability to hit each battle turn is determined by this formula:

A hit probability of less than 0 will always miss and a hit probability of greater than 1 will always hit. Hit probabilities greater than 1 will cause more damage.

The amount of damage delivered each battle turn is based on the difference between the to hit "roll" and to hit probability. Each to hit roll is a number between 0 and 1. The amount of damage is determined by this formula:

Damage is delivered to the shields first. After the shields are used up, the damage is then delivered to the hull. Each ship has a shield value and a hull value.

Each shield of every ship is regenerated each battle turn based on the unused power of the ship. The amount regenerated each turn is determined by this formula:

There is no tactical screen for this combat system. Each ship chooses one ship to focus it's fire on and then damage is calculated each battle turn.

All players move simultaneously each turn.

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Created: 31 Aug 1998
Updated: 6 Jun 2001

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