1. Introduction

[Space Scene Image]

WARNING, you have entered the restriced area of Space Station Sirius IV. Please Identify yourself.

Sirius IV, this is Commodore Arkov requesting landing priviledges.

Commodore Arkov, please transmit the access security codes.


Commodore Arkov, you are cleared to land at landing bay 5. Welcome to the Sirius system.

Welcome to Universe! You are a lonesome race in the midst of a huge Universe! What wonders are out there for you explore? Other suns? Other planets? Other races? Will they be friendly or hostile? All these and more are out there for you to explore! 

1.1 Game Overview

This game manual is for Universe version 0.8.

Welcome to the Universe Gaming System!

This manual will explain the controls and options available in the current release. Note that the game is not complete, and many parts are missing. Future versions will contain these missing parts and much more!

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Created: 27 Jan 1997
Updated: 05 Jan 1999

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