2. Game Specific Terms

This game manual is for Universe version 0.8.

This section of the manual describes some terms/objects in the game and what they mean to game play.

2.1. Galaxies

A galaxy is what you would expect, space filled with many star systems. It is your mission to explore the galaxy and the star systems contained within.

Positions in a galaxy are represented with a three number coordinate system. The coordinate (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) is the "center" of the galaxy. All items in the galaxy have a corresponding coordinate indicating where the item is in the galaxy.

Future versions of the game will have multiple galaxies in the same game for you to explore! 

2.2. Star Systems

A star system contains a star, possibly planets and other solar system type objects.

Future versions of will have more complex star systems, such as binary stars, neutron stars and black holes. 

2.3. Planets

Your race can colonize other planets to expand your civilization. Planets can be very different and hostile. Gas giants, fiery infernos and ice worlds are out there. Can you find a planet that supports life? 

2.4. Stations

Station is a generic term that can represent any formalized habitat created by your race. Ground stations are created on a planet's surface. Space stations can orbit a planet or a star. Deep space stations are located anywhere in the galaxy. 

2.5. Fleets

A fleet is composed of one or more space ships. You will use your fleets to explore the cosmos. 

2.6. Distances

All distances in this game are measured in parsecs. These include coordinates values which are the x, y, and z distances in parsecs from the "center" of the galaxy.

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Created: 25 Feb 1997
Updated: 05 Jan 1999

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